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The Completion of NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo is finally over for another year and whilst I have enjoyed the challenge of posting every day, I am glad it is over. There are days when there are not simply enough hours to find the time to squeeze in writing a decent blog post and days when my brain is too fired to string two words together (like tonight for instance). I will endeavour to post regularly, but I am not sure I can keep up the gruelling schedule of posting every single day.

Not sure I will win any prizes though, as my blogging is spread out between the NaBloPoMo site and this blog. That is what happens when three days into NaBloPoMo you come up with the hare brained scheme to start a new blog. I really should have thought it out better beforehand.


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Late Night Shopping

I went and did my Christmas shopping tonight. Now before you think I am a totally organised person, it is worth mentioning that my family celebrates Christmas a couple of weeks early. My entire family lives 200km north from where I do and traveling on Christmas Day is a complete nightmare. Therefore, we do Christmas early and I spend Christmas Day with my Jewish in-laws having a very relaxed lunch.

So, I braved the Thursday night shoppers and managed to get everyone’s Christmas presents plus my girlfriend’s birthday present. It is her birthday tomorrow, so yes, I did leave that piece of shopping a little late. I just wanted to comment on how much I hate shopping. I hate it, even when I know exactly what I want to buy and from where. This is because it is always crowded and the shops are full of people who have no concept of personal space. At least I didn’t have to go clothes shopping – nothing makes me more depressed than clothes shopping. One day the fashion industry will realise that women come in sizes larger than a 12. That will indeed be a wonderful day.


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Niche Blogging

There is niche blogging and then there is blogging on a subject about which you didn’t think a blog would even exist, Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians falls into the latter category. It is simply a collection of photos of men who really do look like old lesbians, some of them very creepily so.
Featured on the site is a lovely photo of our Prime Minster Elect, Kevin Rudd.

So, what is the verdict, does our new Prime Minister look like an old dyke?


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Revenge of the Packrat

I am a self-confessed packrat. I hate to throw anything away cause as soon as I throw it away I will invariably find a use for it. I had a Hawaiian shirt that I had for years and a week after I threw it out I got an invitation for a loud shirt party. This kind of thing happens every single time I throw something away. Therefore, I am the proud owner of a very odd collection of possessions. One of those possessions was a Gold Privilege card for an Indian restaurant in Soho, London. In late December 2005, my girlfriend and I were over in London on holidays and we caught up with some friends who took us out to dinner in Soho. At the end of the dinner we received a plastic card from the Indian restaurant that gave us 20% off all subsequent visits. Although I knew I wouldn’t be back in London for a very long time, I kept the card in my wallet.

Fast forward to the present day and my co-worker is going over to London next week to help set up our London office. He is English and has been talking non-stop about how much he is going to enjoy a decent English curry as soon as he gets there. Apparently Australians can’t make a good curry. So today, we look up where our office in London is and wouldn’t you know it, it is in Soho. I reach into my wallet and grab out that Gold card I have been carrying around for the past two years and toss it onto his desk. He was ecstatic as, not only does it give him a discount on a curry, but the restaurant is around the corner from the office.

This is why it pays never to throw anything out.

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NaBloPoMo Fatigue

NaBloPoMo is wearing me down. I have nothing of substance to say, but because of NaBloPoMo, I have to post. It probably doesn’t help that I am posting after a long day at work, but before dinner. I am tired and hungry and that does not equal creativeness.

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Neighbours from Hell

It is true that you can’t choose your family, but it is equally true that you can’t choose your neighbours. You may find yourself with wonderful neighbours like I am fortunate to have, but you may find yourself living next door to someone like Joan.

Over a beer at the pub a year ago, a friend of mine told us about her neighbour Joan. Within minutes she had has dying with laughter over Joan’s angry little notes and her abuse of a poor delivery man. Now LJ has decided to share her tales with the rest of the world at The Chronicles of Joan. The stories are truly hilarious, but all the time you are reading it you are thankful that you don’t live next door to a Joan, or perhaps you might be unfortunate enough to be.

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Stolen Content?

I was checking out my Technorati rating this morning when I noticed I was being linked to on a site I had never heard of. Curious to see who would be linking to my blog, I headed over to TechFiveSix all interested to see what post of mine they thought interesting enough to mention. Instead of a nice review or a link to a post, I found that all my posts are being feed directly onto this blog. Yes, my name is attached to the posts, so they are not trying to pass off my content as their own, but still I must admit I felt a little violated that my work would appear on a site when I had not given permission for it be there.

Perhaps someone with a better understanding of online copyright law can help me here. Do I have a right to get royally pissed to find my blog posts being directly feed to this site without giving my permission for them to be there? I have commented on a post by who I assume to be the owner of the site asking for all my content to be removed. I have no objections to writing content for an external site – actually that would be beyond cool, but to take my content and repost it without asking me is, in my opinion, really, really rude. Also it is very strange as the site is about gadgets and technology and whilst my blog does occasionally write about these things I also write about my life and lately Australian politics. Therefore all these poor readers are coming to a site expecting to find out about the latest gadgets and instead reading about the Australian Federal election.

Also if my blog is being posted there directly, that means that this post will appear on the site. I got a little shiver of enjoyment over that thought.


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