Movie Review : Three to Tango

The reason I went to see this movie in the first place is because of my long standing crush on the gorgeous Neve Campbell. I am not a huge fan of the traditional romatic comedy, so I was ecxpecting some eye candy and little else. I certainly didn’t expect this film to become one that I would watch quite often.

“I just have to pretend to be gay for work.”

The central theme of this movie is a common one – the main character pretending to be someone that they are not. Instead of the usual gay man pretending to be straight, this movie has the twist of a straight man pretending to be gay and not because he chooses to, but because everyone assumes he is. Of course, he has to meet the perfect woman who not only believes he is gay but is having an affair with his boss and naturally hilarity ensues.

“It just doesn’t get better than this!”

You won’t find a better ‘first date’ sequence in any other romantic comedy or any other genre than this. To tell you what it is would ruin the moment, but you will never look at tuna melts the same way ever again.

Stealing the entire movie is the amazing Oliver Platt. As the “super-gay” architect Peter Steinberg, he makes every single scene his very own and totally outshines the rest of the cast. He is a delight to watch and lifts this movie from okay to really enjoyable.

It is not a film that will make you think, but it is perfect to pop in the DVD player when you have a massive pile of ironing to get through.


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