Promoting Your Blog

Setting up your blog is the easy part, informing people about it and getting repeat visitors is the hard part.
Besides spamming your friends with your new blog address, how do you get yourself known in the wider blogging community? This is something I will be addressing over the coming weeks as I learn more about the blogging community and research hints and tips.
However, I have just found two excellent resources; Bumpzee and Yahoo! BlogLog

Bumpzee describes itself as a site where you can read blogs, comment here or there, start new discussions and network with others. It looks like the perfect place for the new blogger to not only promote their blog, but talk to other more established bloggers and pick up hints and tips and learn about what is new in the blogging world. Of course, I have signed up and put the obligatory widget on my blog. I am now searching through the communities to join. Naturally I have joined the Blogspot community and the Australian community, but I am searching the other communities to see if I fit in with any of them. Having only joined up about an hour ago, I can not say how successful this site is in generating traffic and establishing a stable of readers, but I will keep you all updated as this experiment continues.

Yahoo! BlogLog is technically called My BlogLog but it is owned and operated by Yahoo! and I believe it is important to inform people just what companies have access to their online information. For those of you wanting to stay away from the major corporations like Yahoo and Google, this is not something you will want to sign up for.
Once you put their tracking code on your blog and install their readership widget, this site will tell you where people have come from and give them an opportunity to join your ‘community’. It has a very detailed help section which will guide you through the entire set-up process.

Out of the two, I would say that Bumpzee is a better resource than Yahoo! BlogLog simply because it not only promotes your blog but includes a social networking feature as well. As in life, blogging can be more about who you know than what you know.


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