What’s Going On In Your Street?

Thanks to Jared Madden, I found this fantastic site that merges Google Maps with social networking called Your Street. Think of an online map that has dotted around it links to local news stories, conversations and the people who live there. Walk down 9th Avenue in New York and see what people are talking about, what news stories are happening there right now and meet its community. Business, of course, are going to leap right in there with advertising for stores located in the area or even in the street you are currently looking at. However, the community can leave comments about the advertising and the product if they so desire. For businesses this would be instant feedback on the success of their campaigns.

Unfortunately, this is only for the US market, so those of us in Australia will have to patiently wait and cross our fingers that Your Street will soon come downunder. Then again, we are used to waiting for things to come our way. We will just bide our time wandering the streets of San Francisco or Las Vegas until that day arrives.


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