Howard has conceded, Rudd has claimed victory and it looks highly likely that Howard will also lose his seat.

I am going to bed one extremely happy vegemite. It has been a long eleven and a half years under the Howard government during which Australia has become a much meaner and selfish society. Maybe, just maybe, we can all work together to change this and go back to the society where you actually speak to your neighbours, you smile at people on the streets and you give a damn about your fellow Australians.



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2 responses to “YES!!!!!

  1. Anonymous

    Who cares who is in power? What a ignorant thing to say. Australia has become mean from who is in Government? Who voted them in the first place? You are the mean person because you chose to be. So now that Kevin Rudd is in power, you would be nice to me if you saw me on the street? I’m glad I don’t know you and anyone else that becomes bitter over who is in Government. Get your own life and stop being a political groupie.

    I’ll check back to see if you have the spine to allow this comment.

  2. Riayn

    I try to be nice to everyone I meet on the street so the likelihood I would be nice to you is fairly high.

    The Government is not solely responsible for the morals of its society, but it does take pretty large share of that responsibility. If a government promotes racial vilification then a society as a whole is going to be intolerant of those who are different. By cutting taxes instead of funding the impovish areas of health and education, the government is sending out a message that the self is more important than the group. This two small areas of action have a large impact on how we as a society view others.

    I have the spine to allow this comment, I just wish you had the spine to attach your name to it.

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