Late Night Shopping

I went and did my Christmas shopping tonight. Now before you think I am a totally organised person, it is worth mentioning that my family celebrates Christmas a couple of weeks early. My entire family lives 200km north from where I do and traveling on Christmas Day is a complete nightmare. Therefore, we do Christmas early and I spend Christmas Day with my Jewish in-laws having a very relaxed lunch.

So, I braved the Thursday night shoppers and managed to get everyone’s Christmas presents plus my girlfriend’s birthday present. It is her birthday tomorrow, so yes, I did leave that piece of shopping a little late. I just wanted to comment on how much I hate shopping. I hate it, even when I know exactly what I want to buy and from where. This is because it is always crowded and the shops are full of people who have no concept of personal space. At least I didn’t have to go clothes shopping – nothing makes me more depressed than clothes shopping. One day the fashion industry will realise that women come in sizes larger than a 12. That will indeed be a wonderful day.



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4 responses to “Late Night Shopping

  1. Reluctant Blogger

    oh yes, I agree absolutely re the shopping – and what a good thing to be forced into doing it early. You will be all smug now later this month!!

    I buy nearly everything online these days (other than clothes cos the sizing is so unpredictable) and it is much less painful than trudging round shops, getting stamped on by other shoppers and having to listen to horrible Christmas muzak.

    Glad to see someone else goes for the plain black template!

  2. Riayn

    I do love shopping online, but there are times when I want to actually touch and examine a product before buying it. Also for times like Christmas and birthdays, I leave my shopping so late that I can’t wait for the delivery of the goods. I am an infrequent online shopper at best.

    Definitely love the plain black template, it was the least offensive of the offical Blogger templates.

  3. C

    So what’d you get Lela?

  4. Riayn

    There is a collection of cooking books that Lela loves, so I brought her the ones on Italy and Greece (we already have Hungary). I also brought her some salted liquorice that she absolutely adores.

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