New Forum for Women Bloggers

All For Women have started up a brand new forum just for female bloggers.  Already there are a number of us over there, but we would love to see more of you from the blogosphere.

It is a great resource for networking and finding resources and as the community grows, it will become even better.

So if you are female and you blog head over to the new forum and sign up!



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4 responses to “New Forum for Women Bloggers

  1. Thanks for helping spread the word Riayn 🙂

  2. Leigh- Not at problem at all. I am always willing to promote stuff that I like.

  3. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  4. Idetrorce – What don’t you agree with me about?

    I willingly admit that the community is small at the moment, but it has the potential for much greater things.
    As a new blogger, I have picked up quite a few helpful hints from the more experienced members and it has been great to chat with other Australian female bloggers.

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