Juggling a Professional Life and a House That Needs Cleaning

There is a large pile of ironing sitting on the chest at the end of my bed waiting to be done.  It has been sitting there since last weekend and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I have no motivation to do it.  The floors also need to be vacuumed, the kitchen floor swept and mopped, the bathroom cleaned and the dishes washed.  I have no motivation to do any of it.

Occasionally I get random desires to clean the house and when I do the house seems so much brighter and happier.  It feels fabulous to look around see everything sparkling, but I hate dedicating an entire day of my precious weekend to cleaning the house.  I have just worked five days at my job, I do not want to work on my house on my days off.  There are many home organiser systems like Fly Lady that attempt to teach you how to clean gradually and on the surface they seem really logical, but who, except for the stay at home mother, honestly has time to do cleaning throughout their busy week? I know I don’t, by the time I get home, get the dogs feed and dinner cooked it is about 9pm and I am not going to scrub out the bath at that hour.

Also all home organiser systems assume that you are married with kids and Christian. Therefore, amongst all the hints are big anvils waiting to bash you around the head about how you can better serve the Lord and bless your family by keeping a clean house.  I am betting that the first thing St Peter is going to ask you when you reach the pearly gates is not “Did you keep your house clean?”.   I just want to learn how to more efficiently clean my house, not receive religious instructions and hints that really belong in 1950s women’s magazines.

Surely there are other agnostic childfree working women who may or may not be the mother of a couple of fur kids out there who are struggling with working long hours and trying to keep their house clean. I can not be the only one.  If you are out there, give me a shout and perhaps we can have a bitch about how difficult it is to keep our places clean.



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6 responses to “Juggling a Professional Life and a House That Needs Cleaning

  1. Kay

    I doubt you are the only one indeed! I’m fortunate to be able to work part-time so I get an extra three days a week in which to contemplate cleaning. But when I was working full-time shiftwork, I had absolutely no interest in doing it at all. My best advice is to get a cleaning lady if you can afford one – even if all she does is vac, mop, do the bathroom and clean up the kitchen. 🙂

    Hope you get a big of a break…..sounds like you will be very busy for the holiday period!

  2. Kay – I would love to be able to afford a cleaning lady, but alas, the mortgage will not let me. However, my girlfriend was wonderful and did the massive pile of ironing for me this afternoon and is now out weeding the garden. I cleaned the bathroom and then got called to do work. The joys of being on-call.

  3. Um…I have kids but other than that I should qualify! My house is a never ending mess!

    Susan from She Who Blogs

  4. Sam

    As a ‘stay at home mum’ I can assure you that I don’t have the time or energy to do it either. My house is just as messy – but I don’t care anymore. Work took up so much less time and energy – but I wouldn’t swap it for the world 🙂 As I’m sure you wouldn’t swap your time with your furkids 🙂

  5. Sam – Thanks for letting me know that stay at home mums also can’t find the time to clean their house. You would not know it by reading all those home organisers. I am increasingly starting to think they are run by strange mutant women who can not only raise a family but have a sparkling clean house as well. They obviously only exist to make the rest of us feel bad.

  6. When I was a full time mum my attitude was, why restrict the children’s creativity by clearing up after them all the time. It was a wonderful excuse 🙂 Ongoing projects were strewn across the floors until I decided they were no longer ongoing. I just tried to make sure the house was hygienic enough to suit the stage the kids were at and that was taxing enough. I dislike ironing so much that I no longer do it at all. My older son who likes creasy cotton shirts does his own. For myself and others I buy clothes that do not need ironing. I work part time from home now and housework is even less of a priority than it was.

    I will be the first to buy a robotic house cleaner/tidier once they are intelligent enough to not sweep up the cat – no the dog (the cat is intelligent enough to get out of its way)

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