Bloggers worth blogging about

Welcome to this new column where I profile bloggers whose blogs I read on a daily basis and that I highly recommend you check out.

First cab off the rank is the lovely Maggie Mason and her blog Mighty Girl.   I first stumbled upon Mighty Girl about 18 months ago and it made me laugh til it hurt.  It immediately earned a place in my bookmarks list and then when I finally got my head around RSS, on my Google Reader.  Her blog is about her observations about life, her family and interesting things she finds on the Internet.  She also runs Mighty Goods for those of you who are retail orientated as well as Mighty Junior which focuses on kid centric goods.  She is one busy lady.

I really enjoy her blog because it feels like you are sitting and sharing a coffee with an old friend in a trendy San Francisco cafe.  It is full of humorous stories, great photos and interesting facts.  Maggie is currently living in Argentina for a couple of months so her blog is full of interesting tidbits about life in South America and the differences between American and Argentinean culture.

Please head over there and give her blog a read, you won’t be disappointed that you did.


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