Things I want to do in 2008

Typically at this time of year people list their New Year’s Resolutions.  I am hopeless at keeping my New Year’s Resolutions, so instead I am going to write a list of things I want to do in 2008.

1. Lose Weight

This one is on most people’s lists.  This year my weight was going okay until I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  My decreased mobility meant I put on 10kg in a very short space of time.  I want to lose those 10kg in 2008.

2. Resume swimming

Until about a month ago, I was going swimming three times a week, then my fibro flared up and I stopped going.  I need to go back.  I also want to join Wet Ones – the gay and lesbian swim team who do training three times a week at the same pool I swim at.  To join, I need to get some of my fitness back.

3. Get an annual check up and a pap smear

I have never had a pap smear.  This is dangerous at my age.  I need to pluck up my courage and do it.  I should also get a general check up at the same time.

4. Go to the dentist

I have to summon the courage and go to the dentist.  I have not been since January last year.

5. Increase my tech knowledge

In my job I am routinely looking at flash actionscript, javascript and HTML to spot implementation and coding errors.  My knowledge of these languages is only what I have picked up from talking to other people about it.  I really need a solid basis in them.  Therefore, I have to knuckle down and actually learn them.

6. Actually do things

Too many times I think it would be fun or interesting to do things, but I never do them.  This year, I need to actually go out there and do stuff instead of spending most weekends at home sitting on my butt.



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19 responses to “Things I want to do in 2008

  1. Best of luck with your intentions. 🙂

  2. You have never been for a pap smear???????

    Consider this a cyber slap. Make the appointment on Thursday. Then email me the time. And I will keep emailing you to remind you to go and then talk to you afterwards when you say ‘Hey, that wasn’t as bad as I was expecting’

    For Gods sake WOMAN!!! Make that your highest priority of the new year.


  3. Kelley – I promise I will make the appointment this week and I will email you and let you know when it is. I know, it has been very neglectful of me never to go and get one done. I have no real good excuse at all.

  4. Good girl.

    Happy New Year!!!


  5. Wow – big ticks – I hope 2008 is wonderful for you and your goals.

  6. Pap smear and dentist are a must. Having neglected regular dental check ups/cleans I am now paying the price – sigh. As for the rest of the things – you are a blogger – there is no other time available unless you also blog about swimming, new tech things and the stuff you do when you do get out.

    Now thats an idea – maybe I will start a scenic photo blog – that may force me to get off my posterior and get to know the outside world again 🙂

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  8. Riayn……… I’ll be pushing Kelley out of the road to slap if you don’t get that pap smear done.

    Other than that…… good luck and Happy New Year!

  9. Bettina – As I told Kelley, I am will be making an appointment for next week. I promise.

  10. I’m very very bad about dentists and doctors myself.
    It really has to be bad for me to go.
    So I am very with you on this one.
    Sending good vibes your way for a wonderous New Year,

  11. Yes, I saw that. 🙂

    I just wanted you to know too, that my post on my blog wasn’t aimed at you. Me reading about you saying that flipped a switch in my brain and its something thats been in my thoughts lately between my own experience and watching someone close to me put it off when they know there is a problem.

  12. Hi Riayn Just found your blog, great read 🙂

    Ditto all the above cyber slaps…you’re good quality that needs to look after herself !

  13. Bettina – Don’t worry, I would not have been offended if your post was about me and my failure to get a pap smear. I know (and have gotten) a big kick up the bum about it.

    Jayne – Thanks a lot 🙂

  14. Good luck with your list, Riayn. You’ve obviously been berated enough about not getting a pap smear, so I don’t need to say it too. It’s really not that bad and is very quick. Its uncomfortable at worst, not painful. You’ll wonder what all the fuss was about after its over. Plus, once its done, you don’t have to think about it again for another year. 🙂

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  16. Add me to the list of those who’s said good for you for going to get a pap smear appointment.

  17. Riayn, I did it! I just got home from my first ever pap smear. It didn’t hurt at all – there’s a little bit of pressure when she’s collecting cells, but that’s it. The hardest part for me was the awkwardness of the position I was in. My doctor was lovely – I told her it was my first one, so she explained what she was doing, which also helped to take my mind off the fact that I was “revealing” myself.

    Let me know when you go for yours (or have you already been?). I must admit it was nice knowing that you were going for your first too – made me feel like I wasn’t the only one freaking out about it. 🙂

  18. Katie – Congratulations on getting your pap smear done! You go girl!!! Unfortunately, mine didn’t go so well, I ran into complications. Being a blogger, of course I blogged about it –
    I am still working up the courage to make an appointment with the specialist at RPA.

  19. Sure, you can tweet about the contest every eight hours! Im impressed that you can remember to tweet about it that often but P4H is definitely a book worth working to win!

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