Testing one, two, three

I seem to be having a few issues with my Feedburner feed not picking up the post from today.  Just seeing if it is an issue with Feedburner or if it is something about my previous post it doesn’t like.  Who would have thought that a post on the iPods and its influence in the dating world would be so controversial?   Maybe Feedburner didn’t like my playlist.



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7 responses to “Testing one, two, three

  1. Hi Riayn, I just got this post in Google Reader, so it seems to be working. I was just reading and replying to your thread on this on aussiebloggers. Hopefully this means your problem is sorted.

  2. Hey,

    And if it helps, I got this one just now and your Ipod one earlier today through bloglines 🙂

  3. Guera and Vanessa – What feed are you using from my site? I have two running off here – one the standard RSS feed from WordPress and the other one running through Feedburner.

    If you click the RSS symbol at the top of the page, it goes through the normal RSS feed and not the Feedburner one. I can’t work out how to make it the Feedburner one as I am hosted on WordPress.com and not on my own domain.

    I have a feeling that most people would be using the WordPress one and not Feedburner. Only those who signed up with me when I was on Blogger would be using Feedburner.

  4. I am on the wordpress feed –

    I think I clicked the icon in my browser (IE7) which automatically detects the feed. I´m pretty sure there´s no way to change the feed that it automatically detects – there´s a wordpress faq thread about it here:

    Unfortunately one of the limitations of wordpress.com, I guess.

  5. Riayn — If it helps, I got your iPod post in my feed (I use Firefox and added you via the RSS icon that appears at the end of the URL field, not via your page’s feed button). I added you sometime around Christmas day, if that timing helps you determine which one is working.

    I looked at the Properties for my feed, and this is what I see:

  6. Guera and Kathy – Thanks for letting me know which feeds you are on. I am not overly concerned that most people are using the WordPress one – just as long as they work, I am happy.
    The Feedburner feed eventually came through late last night.

  7. Bit late with my answer – but mine I think is your wordpress feed – I just clicked the icon in my browser (firefox) then bloglines automatically does the rest for me 🙂

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