Firestair Friday

I was listening to ABC Radio this morning, when the announcer Adam Spencer started talking about using the stairs at work instead the elevator as way to increase physical activity.  He encouraged his listeners to take the fire stairs on Friday and to report back to him on how many steps they climbed.

I thought that this was a fabulous idea and decided to broadcast it here on my blog.

Here’s the deal.  On Friday, shun the elevator and get those legs pumping up and down the firestairs.  If you work above level 10, then take the elevator up part way and walk up the rest.  If you don’t work in a multi-story office building, then take the stairs at your local shopping centre or train station or wherever you go during your day where you normally take the lift.

On Friday evening, comment on this post and let me know how you all went.



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5 responses to “Firestair Friday

  1. During my last major push to lose weight, I would take the stairs and record the number of total steps taken in a spreadsheet. It helped to see the numbers go up over time and to see numbers in the hundreds. Somehow seeing it on paper makes the difference. Same for a food diary. I have to start one of those, too. Congrats to you on your laps progress! Sorry to hear what’s going on with the bruise. Aren’t those just so attractive?

  2. I used to be really good at taking stairs instead of lifts. Got lazy as I got older (oh yeah, and it’s harder to drag kids up stairs 😉 ). It’s a good idea though. Afraid I’m staying home Friday so no stairs OR lifts. 🙂

  3. Excellent idea and blog post !

  4. lelak

    Do I have to carry my bike up the stairs too?

  5. great idea but I don’t have any stairs.

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