What kind of message are we sending here?

A teenager holds a house party whilst his parents are away and thanks to SMS and the Internet, 500 people find out about it and all turn up.  The party gets out of control and the police are called. It is a common enough story these days.  However, what is not common about this story is that the teenager responsible isn’t the slightest bit sorry that it happened in the first place.  In fact, he is going to hold another party in the coming weeks.  He doesn’t give a shit about the damage caused to his parents’ house, the damage to his neighbourhood or the amount of police resources it took to bring the situation under control.  I know what you are all thinking, “What an ungrateful little shit”. Then again, the kid is 16 and there are many 16 year old boys that probably would feel the same way. No, what makes this situation even worse is not the kid’s lack of empathy or remorse, but the fact that the media and businesses are paying this little shit to be interviewed on their shows and host underage parties at their clubs. They are endorsing and celebrating his disgusting attitude.

Channel 10’s Big Brother program are getting this kid to star on their show in order to win over the younger demographics.  They obviously want someone to trash the house in order to bring up their pathetic ratings.   A number of clubs want this kid to hold parties at their place.  Obviously the clubs in question have an hefty insurance package so that they don’t care if this kid decides to encourage their patrons to wreck the place simply cause it would be fun.

The amount of money they are throwing at this kid is unbelievable.   In fact it is downright sickening.  He is going to have no trouble paying off the $20,000 bill that the police are going to charge him with for the resources it took to bring the party under control.

I am also concerned about what kind of message we are sending to teenagers.  That it is cool to ruin your parents’ place and be a complete asshole?  Does anyone want to bet that we are going to see an increase in out of control teenage parties because kids now think that this is the best way to achieve fame and fortune?

If I had my way, this kid would be shipped off to a small country town away from the conveniences of the internet and mobile phones and made to work in the most dead end, boring as shit job I could find him until he had paid off the police bill, plus the damages to his parents’ place.  At the end of the couple of years that would take him, I would then ask him if he still thinks that the whole situation is a joke.  I am betting you that he wouldn’t.



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5 responses to “What kind of message are we sending here?

  1. Hmmph! Ungrateful,smart-arsed little show pony should have his backside kicked 6 ways from Sunday. He did a runner out of a radio interview yesterday as he was asked to remove his silly sunglasses- a bogan prima donna already!

  2. I thought that kind of thing only happened in the States. I can’t watch that video. I don’t want to hear what this kid has to say. Good grief.

  3. I think he’s about to learn a very valuable lesson – there are people out there that’ll use him for his current popularity and spit him out when they’re done with him… which’ll be in about 6 months. He’ll hopefully appreciate his family more at the end of it.

  4. you sound like my parents…& me! if my almost 16 yo pulled this stunt i would revoke his driving permit, take his computer, take his cell phone, & take every single dime from his paycheck (he already has a job) until the debt was paid.

  5. tiggymooshoo

    It’s all pretty sad but I believe in Karma…what goes around comes around. He won’t be laughing so hard when HE is a father.

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