A Rainy Saturday in Sydney

Our roleplaying group has not gotten together to game for almost 18 months.  2007 was a big year for us all and we could never find the time for a session.  We tried to have a game in December, but our GM didn’t have time to write a game.  Today, we were again supposed to play, but unfortunately our GM has come down with a strange mysterious illness causing dizziness and vomiting, which is not conducive to roleplaying.  Not wanting to let another chance to get together pass us by, the rest of the group – Sherene, Lelak and myself, gathered at Sherene’s house to have a day of eating junk food and playing games.  Sherene also has a new puppy Colby who Lelak and I had not had a chance to meet yet, which was another excuse to get together.  We had a great day playing with dogs, eating junk food and playing Illuminati as the rain poured down outside.  It was nice to get away from the household chores and just relax.

Unfortunately Caleb and Rory had to stay at home as Caleb is dog aggressive and Sherene’s older dog Bax is his main rival.  Back in the days when Caleb tolerated other dogs, Bax decided to show him who was boss by flipping Caleb on his back and grabbing his boy bits.  Caleb never forgave him.  Another two attacks by random Labradors pretty much convinced Caleb that all other dogs were evil and should be threatened as soon as they came within 20 meters.  Thus our poor dogs had to stay at home outside in the rain.  They have a cubby house full of comfy dog beds, but they would have you believe that they have been cruelly abandoned in the horrible weather all day.   The cruel treatment then continued when their humans came home smelling of other dogs.  We are now getting the evil eye and long suffering looks to punish us for going out and leaving them.  All will be forgiven by bedtime when they want to snuggle with the humans in the big comfy bed.


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  1. LMAO
    One of our fur babies throws herself into the beanbag and deliberately turns her back to us whenever she has the sulks with us. You can almost hear her saying “Hmph! That;ll teach you for xyz” lol.

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