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Leaping into Marriage

Wedding RingsThe Scotts in 1288 made a decree that in a leap year, but only in a leap year, a woman has the right to propose marriage to any man she likes – and if the would-be husband refuses, he’s liable to a £100 fine.

Now I believe that a woman should be able to propose to her partner any time she damn well pleases, but the romantic in me thinks that is would be pretty special for a woman to propose to her love one on the 29th February (the Scottish part of me also likes this idea too). It would make for a great story to tell at the wedding reception.

I must admit I am sickened by women who go to extraordinary lengths to get their boyfriends to propose to them simply because it is the proper thing for the man to be doing all the proposing. If you desperately want to marry someone, then bloody well ask them, tradition be damned. I am sick of hearing women whine about how they want to get married but their boyfriend won’t ask them and then spending a stupidly long amount of time trying to push the poor fellow into proposing to them. Have they ever stopped to think that maybe there is a reason why the guy hasn’t asked them and that is because he doesn’t want to marry her or is just not ready for that level of commitment at this time in his life. Then I get to wondering how many of these forced engagements/marriages end up in divorce? Has anyone done a study on this?

There is a reason that the powers that be made me a dyke and that is because I have zero tolerance level for all this stupid “the man must do this because it is tradition” stuff that seems to dominate the lives of a scarily large percentage of women. Also the thought of planning a traditional wedding with the dresses, bridesmaids and reception is my version of hell. If Australia ever gets off its ass and let’s same sex couple get married, my marriage will be a simple ceremony and then a BBQ in the backyard with all of our family and friends. Extremely casual and no-fuss.



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Ball-less brass monkeys

It was 15C with an apparent (how cold it feels) temperature of 9C when I left for work this morning. It is February, it should be warm with summertime temperatures. Instead we have been plunged into a winter’s day. I had dig out my jumper (sweater) from the depths of the wardrobe. It was very odd indeed seeing people rugged up in coats and even scarves and beanie on a February morning. It is probably one of those rare anomalies, but I wonder if this means we are in for a cold winter this year.

Had a great night last night with the GLBTI Bloggers even though it was bitterly cold out in the courtyard. It was a great turnout and I look forward to doing it again next year.


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Significant Blogger Award

Leigh over at Crazy Meezer thought that my humble blog was worthy of the Significant Blogger’s Award. It is my first ever award and I am deeply humbled by it, even though I don’t think I really deserve it. I will use it to inspire me to create better posts and to post more often.

I would like to pass it onto Kelley over at Magneto Bold Too for her amazing ability to write about life’s tough moments in a way that never fails to make me laugh.  She is one incredible woman.


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Rainy Thursday in the city

It has been a wet and windy day here in Sydney.  I am sitting at my work desk watching the rain fall and dreading when I have to go out into it.  I am just loving having a desk right next to a window.  It gives me a feeling of space and I must admit I am a sticky beak, so I am loving doing some people watching during my work day.

Tonight, I am off to a GLBTI Bloggers Meetup at the Courthouse Hotel in Newtown.  I am really looking forward to meeting some queer bloggers.  I feel quite disconnected from the queer community, so it would be nice to make some ties into it.  Also, I really need to go out and expand my social network beyond my small circle of friends.  Previous Sydney Bloggers meetups have been great for getting me out of the house and meeting and talking to new people.  I just need to do more of it with various groups of people.

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Empty Desk Syndrome

My desk at work suffers from empty desk syndrome. There is nothing on it but my phone and a box of tissues. People around the office have started talking about how sparse and empty my desk is looking. Everyone else in my office have desks brimming with goodies. D’s desk is a homage to Hello Kitty. There is a Hello Kitty tissue box, a Hello Kitty mobile phone chair, a Hello Kitty business card holder and many Hello Kitty plushies. Actually, I am kinda frightened of D’s desk as Hello Kitty has always looked kinda evil to me.

However, rude remarks have been made about my poor empty desk and whilst I love a well organised, uncluttered desk, mine is just downright boring. It needs colour and I need things on my desk to keep me amused – the more geeky, the better. I had thought about getting a desk calendar, but can one buy a desk calendar at the end of February.

Please share your ideas of the perfect desk decorations. I want my desk to be the coolest desk in the office.


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Chilled Out

I have just spent the better part of the morning reading. In fact, I read a whole book (Running with Scissors, if anyone is interested). It has been months since I have just plopped down on the couch and read a book cover to cover. Okay, so I did do two loads of laundry whilst reading, but still, except for getting up to put the clothes on the line, I have remained on the couch and just read. I am feeling amazingly chilled out which is a feeling I haven’t experienced for quite some time. Obviously, I need to take a time out from life more often.

I still need to do some grocery shopping, iron my work shirts and take the dogs for a walk, but if I don’t get those done life won’t stop. I think I am have been over planning my life recently in order to feel in control. Everything must happen at a set time or else I go into a panic. That is not a great way to live. Saying to hell with it and just chilling out with a good book makes me feel far better than accomplishing a whole list of tasks. Sure being organised and getting things done is good, but so is just living in the moment. I just need to find a healthy balance between the two.


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I spent the day with my parents yesterday but as fate would have it we didn’t have time to go shopping, so I still have some extra time to think about something frivolous to buy.  This is good because, despite your excellent suggestions, I still have no idea what I want to buy.  We had brunch at Circular Quay and then headed to the Powerhouse Museum.  I definitely need to go back there as we only had an hour to spend there and we saw barely anything.  Then we went off to The Rocks to my favourite place, The Waterfront Restaurant where I indulged in Lobster Morney.  It was so good.  Then I headed home as Lelak had returned from her biking adventure.  Then last night, we watched our WNBL team the Sydney Flames thrash the Adelaide Lightning in the semi-finals which means we go straight into the grand final in two weeks time.   All around it was a very good day.

Today I have to do the household chores which is not an exciting prospect.

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