Adventures in Hair Dying

I have wanted to dye my hair purple for many years now, but because I was a vet nurse I wasn’t allowed to have weirdly coloured hair. However, now I am doing tech support I can have whatever colour hair I like. So today whilst at the supermarket, I brought some ultra violet black hair dye. I have dyed my hair many colour over the years, but never have I used a hair dye like this one. Most hair dyes are a cream, but this one was runny. It went everywhere. All over my face, my shoulders and all over the sink. This is where the problems started cause once it hit the sink, it stained the vanity. There was bright purple spots over all the place. I tried just wiping it off, but there it stayed. So I got the Shelley’s Liquid Soap which can usually remove the most stubborn stains, but the hair dye just stayed there as bright purple as ever. Oh crap! I started to panic. Lelak would kill me if she came home and found the bathroom vanity covered in bright purple spots. I read the label of the Shelley’s Liquid Soap more closely. For stubborn stains it recommended the use of scourer. The only scourer I had was the one I used one the wok a couple of hours ago. It is covered in grease stains. Oh well, anything was worth a shot. So armed with my greasy scourer and Liquid Soap, I tackled the hair dye spots again. This time the hair dye finally came off.

However, all the time I was running about with various cleaning products, the dye in my hair dripped all down my face and shoulders. So I alternated between cleaning the bathroom and cleaning myself. It looked like bright violet blood dripping down my face. I was really glad I wasn’t dying my hair red or else it would have looked like I murdered someone in the bathroom.

After all the fuss and mess, I have gorgeous bright purple hair! Check me out!

Work is going to freak out. I wonder if they will let me train our clients on Thursday.



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13 responses to “Adventures in Hair Dying

  1. Perhaps we were hair dying at the same time today. Sounds like yours turned out better than mine *hehe*

    I have used that purple one before, and it does make a hell of a mess. Getting it off your skin can be a nightmare. Looks good πŸ™‚

    My man pet helped apply mine today, just a dark brown. I need to go and by another box tomorrow to cover all the bits he missed *roll*

  2. Ah – I have the luck of finding a hairdresser’s son who is OCD – all the bits are covered, but it takes FOREVER!

    Good to know that about the soap – there is sometimes nothing more porous than vanities, especially when trying to dye.

  3. It doesnΒ΄t look THAT purple. It looks fab. I am sure your boss will be fine with it.

  4. lelak

    Did you get those purple spots off the wall behind you?

  5. Very niiiice, worth all the effort πŸ˜‰

    Bi Carb of Soda and an old toothbrush will do the trick *next time* πŸ˜‰

  6. Leigh – He missed bits? That’s it, he should never be allowed to help you dye your hair again. Best of luck with round two.

    Jeanie – I hate how the vanity picks up every single stain and the fact that it is a colour that shows marks and dirt so easily. When I get the money, I am so upgrading it.

    James – In the photo it looks very toned down to how it looks this morning. If you are going to the Blogger’s Meetup on the 14th, you will get to see it in the flesh. πŸ™‚

    Lelak – Those spots in the photo aren’t hair dye, they are the rust marks on the mirror in the toilet.

    Jayne – Thanks! πŸ™‚ I will try the bicarb soda next time I run into a spot I can’t shift.

  7. Ian

    Its funny when you turn up to work with a different hair colour. I went through a phase a couple of years ago where I became a blonde, and then a redhead, for a few months, and attracted plenty of attention. Now I’m back to brown – I grew out of that stage of my life.

  8. Ian – I can see everyone making a big fuss as it is not like I changed to a normal hair colour. Problem is I hate drawing attention to myself. Yet I dyed my hair purple. Hmmm..

  9. What colour was it? Too dyes her used-to-be-dark-blonde hair Cyber Purple. It is awesome. Looks similar to the photo but much MUCH brighter.

  10. Kelley – My hair used to be a blonde-brown colour, so going dark purple is quite a change. My hair is actually a lot brighter than the photo. My poor mobile phone camera didn’t do well taking a photo at night with a light on.

  11. sounds like the same colour as Too. It is fab!

  12. cool. Looks ok in the pic which means I’m sure that it looks awesome in person lol

  13. Grrr… pesky CRT monitor, it looks brown to me.

    I love dyeing my hair – or anyone else’s πŸ™‚ If you need to feel less ‘weird’ give me a yell and I’ll raid hubby’s collection of photos of my hair… if I can find it!

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