Down She Goes!

I took a fall taking the dogs for a walk this morning.  Rory got spooked by a high pitch buzzing coming from a broken street light and went under my feet.  I went over the top of her and landed heavily on the pavement.  I must have made quite a noise going down cause the lady we passed a minute beforehand came back to see if I was okay.  I was, but I am banged up pretty good.  Both palms, both knees and one elbow has some serious gravel rash. I was able to finish the walk (we were only halfway through) but I have blood all over my shorts and am now feeling some decent pain.  Not entirely sure if I can make it into work today as I am now having problems walking and I can’t bear to put anything over the wounds on my knees – just way too painful. I don’t think work will let me wear shorts rolled up to above the knee

Should cover the wounds or let the air get to them.  Any ideas? I feel I should just let them be.



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8 responses to “Down She Goes!

  1. Ouch! That sounds painful…maybe exercise is bad for you 😦

    I think the rule of thumb used to be, leave wounds open let them air/dry/scab. But now days (hate it when they are always changing the rules) it seems covering them up and keeping them moist is better and reduces scaring. Maybe just put some betadine on them today if your staying home. Those spray on bandaids are pretty good too for grazes and stuff.

    Hope they heal up quickly and your not too saw 😦

  2. Leigh – I am at home today. I am having problems walking on my knee and I really don’t think the office needs to see the amazing amount of plasma that is oozing out of my wounds. I need to search the house for betadine or something similar. Obviously, I don’t injure myself often enough to have it in a handy location.

  3. OW! *hugggg* Hope you’re walking again soon.

  4. Ooooh babe! That sounds painful. I suggest Vodka. On ice. Get sloshed and then you won’t feel any pain….

    Make sure you wash the wounds well. Get any grit, dirt, pubic hair (who knows where that footpath has been!) out and then let it air. If you put a bandaid or some such on it while it is weeping it will stick to it and hurt like hell.

    Smootches for your boo boo.


  5. Kelley – Ewww.. I do not need the mental image of pubic hair in my wounds, it is bad enough that I have been pulling out dog hairs from my wounds. Thanks for the smootches.

  6. Anja

    Ouch, I’ve had that type of fall before. Two large dogs who like to cross leads.

    Keep it clean, let it air, let it heal. And when it does heal, soothe the area with some vitamin E cream.

    Hope the pain fades soon.

  7. If you’ve nothing else wash it with use salt dissolved in water and a dab of hydrogen peroxide.
    Hope the pain stops soon!

  8. Whatever you do, don’t cover it with vaseline and then a big slab of gauze like some idiot did for my knees when I fell over in primary school. Ugh.

    (I’d kiss your grazes better but I can’t quite reach them from here…)

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