I woke up in bitch mode this morning and my mood has not improved.  I am a grumpy girl today, that’s for sure.  I blame my hormones. That’s one of the nice things about being a girl, when you are being a bitch, you can always blame your hormones.

I have held my tongue all day, which is a challenge when you work in customer support.  There is always someone who is so incredibly stupid that you just want to yell at them – and that is on a good day when I don’t feel like throttling someone.  I don’t want to be in a bad mood, especially considering I am going to the Sydney Blogger’s Meet Up this evening.  I certainly don’t want to be bitch girl to my fellow bloggers, especially since they are such a great bunch of people.

I wish I could just snap out of it.  I feel all out of whack when I am a grumpy bitch.



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4 responses to “Grumpy

  1. I am like that all the time. Harness that inner biatch and blog people you hate. Works for me.

    Smootches sweetie, I am sure it will pass. My constant bad mood is permanent!

  2. Kelley – I know that if I do blog about people I hate it will come back and bite me in my ass. I am sure that your bad mood is not permanent. I have actually seen rather cheerful posts on your blog 🙂



  4. Hey there,

    Hang tough! I know exactly what you are talking about. I had one of those days yesterday and decided it would be better if I kept myself locked in and chained up.

    I was afraid that I really might hurt or insult someone.

    sending blog hugs.


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