Nothing tastes better than a peanut butter sandwich made with fresh bread except perhaps a devon and tomato sauce sandwich made with fresh bread, which is why I had both.

Took the dogs for an hour long walk which included a romp in the dog park. That was followed by a hydrobath care of our fabulous dog wash lady.  The kids are now beautiful and clean and crashed out asleep in the lounge room.  As they say a tired dog is a good dog.

I have been playing around with my blog design.  I definitely like this one better than my old one.   What do you all think of it?



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6 responses to “Saturday

  1. OMG!! I am so with you and the sandwiches. But I like cheese and BBQ sauce with my devon.

    Since I cleaned my screen (LMAO) I am liking the dark blogs more.

  2. I love your new design, but I don’t understand the caption. What does it say?

  3. The header image is of the Millennium Centre in Cardiff. It says ‘In these stones horizons sing’ in both English and Welsh.

  4. That’s why I couldn’t read it. I only speak English. I live across the pond in Simi Valley, California United States.

    I do love the saying. Now that I understand, you have “two thumbs up. ” Now if you don’t understand what I just said, ask me and I will explain. 🙂

  5. i am loving the new look & its sleek, clean design! my question was answered (what did the marquee read?) & with that, i am off to join your doggies in a sweet sleep

  6. My only issue is the size of the font – too small for my liking. But then, I sit too far away from a crappy CRT monitor, so what do I expect? 🙂

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