Ah-tishoo, ah-tishoo, we all fall down

No, I don’t have the Bubonic Plague, but I do have a cold and I am going through tissues at a rather astounding rate. I am actually scared I will finish the box I brought this morning before I leave work. I really hate having a cold as they just seem to drain the life out of me. I especially hate having a cold when I am home alone. Lelak just left this morning to go cycling around the Lithgow -Mudgee area for a week. The dogs are not going to bring me mugs full of Lemsip or make me dinner.

On a positive note, I am shifting desks on Friday. In fact my whole department is moving to a new section of the office as we have outgrown our tiny section. This will mean that my desk will be no longer right in front of the meeting room. Our company loves to have meetings so all day, every day, I have a mixture of clients and staff walking right past my desk and seeing what I have up on my computer screen. Hopefully my new desk will offer me a bit more privacy.

Unusual fact for the day. Did you know that each English speaking country has its own version of ‘Ring a ring a rosey’?

The Australian version is;

Ring a ring a rosey
A pocketful of posies
ah-tishoo, ah-tishoo.
We all fall down.

The UK version is;

Ring a-ring o’ roses,
A pocketful of posies.
a-tishoo!, a-tishoo!.
We all fall down.

The US version is;

Ring around the rosies,
A pocketful of posies.
ashes to ashes.
We all fall down!

The Canadian version is;

Ring around the rosey,
A pocket full of posies.
Hush-a, hush-a.
We all fall down.

Whilst the Irish version is;

Ring a ring o’ rosies,
A pocketful of posies.
EE-sha, AA-sha.
We all fall down.

Basically it is only the Aussies and the English that are going to get the significance of my post title – and only some of them are going to know that this nursery rhyme is about the Bubonic Plague that hit England in 1665.



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3 responses to “Ah-tishoo, ah-tishoo, we all fall down

  1. Count me in as one of the people lying down… eurgh. I bags the title of Snot Queen though.

  2. Naomi – You can be the Snot Queen. I will be the Tissue Terminator.

  3. LOL – I like it. Very tough and scary-sounding.

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