An interesting fall out of the current baby boom

Long time readers will know the story of my failed pap smear and my GP referring me to RPA to see a gynecological specialist. I have put off making the appointment, because it literally scares me to death. Today I bit the bullet and called the number my GP had given me. Instead of speaking to a person I got a machine which cheerfully informed me that “during this busy time there is no one to answer my call” and to please leave my name and number and someone would call me within 3 business days. That’s right, it is going to take me three days just to make an appointment. The OBGYNs at the public hospitals are so damn busy dealing with everyone that is currently pregnant that it will take me three days to make an appointment to see a specialist for a non-pregnancy related issue.

When Peter Costello decided to throw money at women for them to reproduce did he throw money at the public health care system to deal with all these pregnant women? Of course not! Therefore our already unfunded, stretched to the limit health care system has reached breaking point and what does the government do? Well it bitches and moans about the health care system being a state problem whilst it throws even more money at women to get pregnant. Seriously I am starting to think that the quickest way I will get in to see an OBGYN is if I get pregnant and then the government will give me $5,000 for my troubles. Also I would get my surgery done a lot quicker cause hell, I need it done to be able to have my kid.

Fuck, I hate dealing with the public health care system. However, such is the joy of having a chronic illness and other health related issues that I must negotiate the shambles that is our health care system.



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5 responses to “An interesting fall out of the current baby boom

  1. Oh man – all the jumping through hoops you are having to do to tick this one off your list.

    Don’t be so sure they would have an O/G even then – well, in Sydney you might, but there are parts around here where you have to travel 3-400km to get that holy grail!

    I hope it all goes well.

  2. Don’t get me started babe. I am seeing the fallout all over the place here for one of the worst decisions in history.

    People that have no place having children let alone MORE having kids to get the payment AND prevent having to go back to work (OMG Centrelink are STILL hounding me to ‘go back to work’ and attend seminars that I have to TAKE A DAY OFF WORK to attend…)

    Ooops 🙂 I got started. I will stop and go and punch some pillows or something.

    Hope when you finally get your call back the appointment is not too far away.

  3. What a ruddy pain in the neck. Health systems seem to be falling apart all over Australia. I hope they actually get back to you soon.

  4. Jeanie – In Sydney, we have a whole OB/GYN unit, so unlike many people in rural Australia there is no issue of an OB/GYN not being in town, but more of an issue of there not being enough of them to cater for the huge number of pregnant women let alone those of us who need to see one for other issues.

    Kelley – I hear you. I see many women on the bus who have no business being a mother let alone being pregnant with the next one. Don’t they realise that the baby bonus doesn’t even make a dent in the amount needed to raise those kids?

    Naomi – Oh yeah, it is pain in more than neck. I am actually curious to see how long it will take for them to fit me in. My bet is over 9 months.

  5. Rest assured there’s new sports stadiums and sporting events being funded all over Oz while you’re waiting to see the OBGYN GRRRR.

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