Chilled Out

I have just spent the better part of the morning reading. In fact, I read a whole book (Running with Scissors, if anyone is interested). It has been months since I have just plopped down on the couch and read a book cover to cover. Okay, so I did do two loads of laundry whilst reading, but still, except for getting up to put the clothes on the line, I have remained on the couch and just read. I am feeling amazingly chilled out which is a feeling I haven’t experienced for quite some time. Obviously, I need to take a time out from life more often.

I still need to do some grocery shopping, iron my work shirts and take the dogs for a walk, but if I don’t get those done life won’t stop. I think I am have been over planning my life recently in order to feel in control. Everything must happen at a set time or else I go into a panic. That is not a great way to live. Saying to hell with it and just chilling out with a good book makes me feel far better than accomplishing a whole list of tasks. Sure being organised and getting things done is good, but so is just living in the moment. I just need to find a healthy balance between the two.



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4 responses to “Chilled Out

  1. Hi Riayn,

    As promised, details of the GLBTI Bloggers Meetup…

    The Other Andrew and I recently discussed the idea, and a few people responded on our blogs, so here it is…

    Gay? Lesbian? Bisexual? Transgender? Intersex? Maybe you have a blog, are thinking of starting one, or just like reading blogs?

    Then don’t miss an informal “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex Bloggers Meetup”. in the lead up to this year’s Mardi Gras.

    It will be a great chance to catch up with some other people whose blogs you may (or may not) have read, It’s totally non-political and non-pretentious. In the midst of “our season”, let’s just catch up and meet in a life beyond the computer screen.

    When: Thursday February 28, 5.30pm
    Where: Courthouse Hotel Beer Garden, 202-204 Australia Streets, Newtown 2042. Tel: (02) 9516 4103. The pub is located on the corner of Lennox and Australia Streets, opposite Camperdown Park. It’s just a brief walk (a few hundred metres) from Newtown Station, off King Street. Directions on Google Maps. There will be a sign on the table indicating the blogger meetup.

    It’s a great pub with a terrific beer garden out the back. They charge normal prices for beer and food.

    More info….

    Hope you can come, and please pass this on to other bloggers who might be keen.



  2. routine is good, but it needs to be flexible or it just becomes “one more thing” that ties us in knots and adds to our stress. Glad you feel so relaxed and “chilled out”.

  3. I am so glad that you had such a wonderful morning. Sort of like a little holiday.

  4. Hi… happen to find your site… just dropping by to say hi – from a Novacastrian living in Florida…

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