Empty Desk Syndrome

My desk at work suffers from empty desk syndrome. There is nothing on it but my phone and a box of tissues. People around the office have started talking about how sparse and empty my desk is looking. Everyone else in my office have desks brimming with goodies. D’s desk is a homage to Hello Kitty. There is a Hello Kitty tissue box, a Hello Kitty mobile phone chair, a Hello Kitty business card holder and many Hello Kitty plushies. Actually, I am kinda frightened of D’s desk as Hello Kitty has always looked kinda evil to me.

However, rude remarks have been made about my poor empty desk and whilst I love a well organised, uncluttered desk, mine is just downright boring. It needs colour and I need things on my desk to keep me amused – the more geeky, the better. I had thought about getting a desk calendar, but can one buy a desk calendar at the end of February.

Please share your ideas of the perfect desk decorations. I want my desk to be the coolest desk in the office.



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5 responses to “Empty Desk Syndrome

  1. Mine is boring too, but full! I have trays and law books and piles of papers and folders and crappity crap crap all over the place.

    The only personal things are a couple of cards and a poster Boo made me. I really need to put some photos of the kids and maybe a plant or something…… been there 17 years.

    A hello Kitty themed desk? Ewwww. How high school. Tell her that there are many MANY other more exciting things you can get that are Hello Kitty themed. I was just educated in the comments on my blog!!!!

  2. Hi! Your friend might be interested in winning a limited-edition Hello Kitty USB drive. You can find out more from the link I provided.

  3. Kelley – I was going to tell her about the Hello Kitty vibrator but thought it might be highly inappropriate for the workplace. You definitely need to spruce up your desk with some fun things.

  4. I’m an empty desker also. I know people think something is wrong with me. I guess I’m just not into having a collage of pictures tacked up, or letting knick-knacky things lay around. I do have one picture of the hubs and me, plus some cool paperweights he sent me here as presents. Other than that, I’m pretty bare. It makes me feel organized.

    That much Hello Kitty in one place can’t be healthy.

  5. Nice info, added to favourites.

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