Leaping into Marriage

Wedding RingsThe Scotts in 1288 made a decree that in a leap year, but only in a leap year, a woman has the right to propose marriage to any man she likes – and if the would-be husband refuses, he’s liable to a £100 fine.

Now I believe that a woman should be able to propose to her partner any time she damn well pleases, but the romantic in me thinks that is would be pretty special for a woman to propose to her love one on the 29th February (the Scottish part of me also likes this idea too). It would make for a great story to tell at the wedding reception.

I must admit I am sickened by women who go to extraordinary lengths to get their boyfriends to propose to them simply because it is the proper thing for the man to be doing all the proposing. If you desperately want to marry someone, then bloody well ask them, tradition be damned. I am sick of hearing women whine about how they want to get married but their boyfriend won’t ask them and then spending a stupidly long amount of time trying to push the poor fellow into proposing to them. Have they ever stopped to think that maybe there is a reason why the guy hasn’t asked them and that is because he doesn’t want to marry her or is just not ready for that level of commitment at this time in his life. Then I get to wondering how many of these forced engagements/marriages end up in divorce? Has anyone done a study on this?

There is a reason that the powers that be made me a dyke and that is because I have zero tolerance level for all this stupid “the man must do this because it is tradition” stuff that seems to dominate the lives of a scarily large percentage of women. Also the thought of planning a traditional wedding with the dresses, bridesmaids and reception is my version of hell. If Australia ever gets off its ass and let’s same sex couple get married, my marriage will be a simple ceremony and then a BBQ in the backyard with all of our family and friends. Extremely casual and no-fuss.



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10 responses to “Leaping into Marriage

  1. The recent AAMI ad and the football groun ad both featured extreme measures being used to encourage a marriage proposal. In fact the latter was blatant entrapment. They make me grind my teeth. 😦

  2. my hubby didn’t ask, he simply announced……… to 30 of our family and friends! lol He’s about as romantic as a brick and women who hook up with romantic bricks then try to make them into something else are wasting their time. Me, I like practical.

  3. I heard on Triple J the other day that if one partner in a same sex relationship is a British Citizen you can get married under UK law at the British Embassy or consulate in Sydney (technically it is British soil). Thought I’d mention it since you said “the Scottish in me” and might be a British citizen! I agree the same sex marriage laws in Australia are long overdue. I just don’t understand how we can make such inroads into sexual and racial discrimination laws and ignore sexual preference discrimination.
    I’m also not a fan of the big display proposal – too easy to get swept up in the romance rather than think clearly about a very important decision.

  4. lelak

    I just missed out on a British passport.

  5. Bettina: Well that is certainly one way to be proposed to.

    Guera: Unfortunately, it was my great-grandmother who was Scottish, so too far removed to claim citizenship.

    Lelak: I know, my love, it sucks.

  6. Well I got proposed to twice today. Once from a chick. She pink puffy hearts me but um, even if I wasn’t married I would have turned her down. Not my type.

    The other one was from a married guy. LMAO. I think he missed the point?

    Anyway, we managed to get the ‘Sorry’ from the govt….. perhaps our grandchildren will be able to marry whomever they choose?

  7. Kelley: I really hope that same-sex marriage is made legal long before our grandkids’ time, but as time goes on, my hopes that this will be so are fading.

  8. It will be so, Riayn. Worst case scenario, our kids are going to wake up one morning and say, “Why on earth is that antiquated thing still in place? We can have sex with whoever we want, but we can’t make a legal commitment to stand by them? What the hell?”

    “There is a reason that the powers that be made me a dyke and that is because I have zero tolerance level for all this stupid “the man must do this because it is tradition” stuff that seems to dominate the lives of a scarily large percentage of women.”

    Hmmm… is THAT why people think I’m a lesbian? I thought it was the hair 😀

  9. Naomi: Actually my hair is the reason that most people think I’m straight. I was told once “you can’t be gay, you have long hair”. Apparently I’m a stealth lesbian.

  10. Tsk. Stealth lesbians – very rude. How on earth are people going to judge others properly if they won’t make their labels obvious, dammit?

    Here’s to confusion!

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