Things About Me

I have joined up to the Monthly NaBloPoMo where I have to write a post every single day. Seriously, why do I get myself into these situations? Anyway, the theme of this month’s NaBloPoMo is lists. You don’t have to write a list everyday, but the theme is there is provide inspiration. So I thought on the first day of NaBloPoMo, I would do a list.

Things About Me

1. I am a lesbian

2. I am overweight (but I am working on that)

3. I hate clothes and shoes shopping. It is my version of hell.

4. If I must buy clothes, they are usually brought from the men’s section. This way I can guarantee I can fit into them, my clothes won’t have frilly crap on them, be pink or cost twice as much.

5. I love sci-fi TV shows – Firefly, Buffy, Doctor Who etc.

6. I love TV shows that make me think – House, Law & Order: SVU etc.

7. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in which I majored in Genetics. I have done absolutely nothing with it. I also failed the genetics component of it, but kicked ass in anatomy, pathology and forensic osteology.

8. I did three years of a Bachelor of Edcuation (Primary Ed) degree even though I hated teaching from day one.

9. I am a fully qualified veterinary nurse.

10. As you can probably tell, I love learning about different things.

11. I also never seem to stay in the same profession for more than 5 years.

12. I have fibromyalgia and possibly hypermobility syndrome. Thanks to these lovely conditions, I had to give up vet nursing.

13. I now do tech support for a digital marketing technology solutions provider. No one outside of the industry understands what I do. Actually probably very few people in the industry really understands it either. The simplest explanation is that I make online ads work, but even that isn’t a good description of my job. But at least people understand it.

14. I spent my childhood doing musical theatre and pantomines. Yes, I was a bratty child actor. Fear me.

15. I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.



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2 responses to “Things About Me

  1. I will forgive the hating shoe shopping thing but don’t know about the Buffy and Dr Who thing….

    Oh bugger it. I loves ya šŸ™‚

  2. number 15 – totally relate! when were we supposed to figure this out?

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