Views from an office window

I am a bit stuck for what to write about today, but since I signed up to NaBloMoPo I have to post something.  So in keeping with the theme of lists, here is a list of things I can see from my office window;

1. Pigeons, and lots of them, walking around in the sunshine

2. A group of people sitting in a circle on the grass eating lunch

3. A garbage bin that is so full that rubbish has flowed onto the ground around it

4. An old looking bike leaning against a sign (I’m surprised no one has stolen it)

5.  A toddler making a quick getaway from his mother who is carrying his younger sibling

6. People sitting on the benches, smoking.

Not really that much going on outside my window.

In other unrelated news, the February listings have come out for Top 100 Australian Women’s Blogs.  I have fallen from 76 to 79.  I really need to get out there and start promoting my blog.



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3 responses to “Views from an office window

  1. #4 Stolen? the sign or the bike?!

  2. did pretty well for nothing to say!! LOL

    This is why I didn’t sign up, cause man, I would have been detailing my breakfast.

  3. Peter: I was expecting them to steal the bike, but honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if they stole the sign either.

    Kelley: I can say a lot without actually saying anything. But NaBloPoMo is very challenging.

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