Elven Moments

Stone FairyOne of my favourite authors is Elizabeth Moon. I was introduce to her work by Lelak who has most of her books. I started with the amazing trilogy, “The Deeds of Paksenarrion” which I feel in love with instantly. If you are a D&D player, a Lord of the Rings fan or just love a good fantasy novel, definitely check these books out. I then went on to her “Vatta War” series which I simply adore and am now re-reading waiting for the new book to come out. Elizabeth has also written an amazing book called “The Speed of Dark” which is a futuristic book about autism and what happens when scientist develop a “cure”.

Anyway, Elizabeth has a live journal account which, of course, I read and occasionally comment on. Her latest entry was about her birthday and how excited she was that her age this year was a multiple of her birthdate. Learning that someone else got excited about the mathematical proprieties of their birthdate and age, I wrote back;

“A fellow Pisces. Happy Birthday! May all your birthday wishes come true.
I am also glad I am not the only one that gets excited when their birthdate is mathematically related to their age. I was born on the third of the third and this year I am 33. I am unbelievably excited by this fact.”

To which she replied:

“Oh, that’s cool! Thirty-three was the birthday when I bought a pair of Earth Shoes, and the friend with me commented that I might or might not be a hobbit. Why? I asked. Well, she said, you certainly weren’t grown up at 21, which is the age of maturity for humans, and 33 is the age of maturity for hobbits…but you just bought a pair of Earth Shoes, which isn’t a marker of adulthood, exactly, so maybe you’re not a hobbit, you’re an elf.

It was in her honor, sort of, that my husband and I declared that our 33rd anniversary was our “hobbit anniversary” because our marriage had finally grown up. We might not have, but the marriage had.

So, if you’re a hobbit (in any way) this is the year you became mature. And if you’re not mature, maybe you’re an elf.”

I am deeply humbled that she has taken time out of her hectic schedule to reply and that it was such a geeky comment fills me with joy. Also, it touches on something I have been musing over since turning 33. I don’t feel mature and I doubt I every will. I have been waiting for that magical moment when I become an adult and feel all adult-like and mature. That moment has never come and I suspect it never will. I guess that means I am an elf.



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2 responses to “Elven Moments

  1. Amy

    I think that is such a fantastic reply, however, of all the hobbits I am aware of, none would be what in the common vernacular we would consider “mature.” And that to be a mature hobbit must mean something entirely different. Perhaps it means “ability to breed” or something along those lines. And I consider it a most noble trait of character never to feel or behave (for the most part) “adult-like.” So hobbit or elf, consider yourself to be leading a most fabulous existence. Oh, and, I hope you had a smashing good time on your birthday!! 😉 Oh Oh, and now I am going to have to read this woman’s books. Thanks for the tip!!

  2. Amy: You definitely have to read Elizabeth Moon’s books, especially if you like the sci-fi/fantasy genre. “The Sheepfarmer’s Daughter” is probably the best one to start with, it is the first book in “The Deeds of Parksenarrion” series and is definitely in my list of must-read books for any fantasy genre lover.

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