I am being slammed at work at the moment and am fairly time-poor, so I haven’t been commenting on your blogs as much as I want to. Rest assured I will find some time this weekend to read everyone’s blogs and comment on them.

This afternoon I headed down to Ad:tech which our industry trade show. I had a wander through the Exhibition Store but at 4pm on the last day no one was really interested in talking and just wanted to get out of there. Besides, what I am supposed to people, “Hi, I work in technical support, if things break, I fix them”, not really want marketing types want to hear.

Any way I was assigned to go to a seminar on Affiliate Marketing. It was a forum containing some of the leading authorities in Australia on Affiliate Marketing; such as DGM and Viva 9. The session itself was interesting, but was focused towards advertisers and media agencies. I wanted to know more about how the affiliate schemes reward affiliate sites such as blogs, but I was there for my company and not as a blogger.

After the session I ran into a client of mine E. After we talked shop, we got to talking and she asked me to join her dragon boat racing team. It sounds fun, but I am not sure I am fit enough nor up for training three times a week. Still, I think I should give it a go cause I never go out and do stuff, I think about things and over analyse them, but never end up doing them.


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  1. Amy

    Oh, I say go for it! I should find a team to join here. I need something more organized like that that doesn’t involve killing my knees…Hmmm…

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