Skydiving Baby

This morning’s trip to the supermarket taught me that being polite and waiting for people to pass in front of you in the supermarket’s maze of aisles means that you just stand there for a bloody long time. You only actually achieve forward momentum when you are rude, impatient and push past people. Also attempting to do your grocery shopping on Easter Saturday morning is possibly the worst time to even contemplate entering a supermarket. I must definitely remember this for next year.

This afternoon was much more pleasant as we spent it at F & M’s house catching up with them and their 6 month old daughter Zoe as well as friends of ours, Sumac, V & Fi. Six months old is definitely a much cooler age than newborn. Kids at 6 months become interactive, they babble at you and in Zoe’s case they actively try to make you laugh. Nothing is funnier than seeing a tiny child attempting to skydive whilst lying on the floor. She had the whole skydiving posture absolutely correct with a little wiggling of her nappy padded butt added in for pure comedy value. I would laugh, she would laugh and then she would start skydiving all over again. It was cool spending a couple of hours with a little one, but I am definitely not up for full-time child rearing. I prefer my kid time in small doses with the option to send them back to their parents when they become obnoxious. I was born to be a grandmother. Play with the kid, fill them up with sugar and then send them back to their parents for them to deal with the aftermath.


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  1. I loved the image of a skydiving baby! Cute!

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