Light Reading?

Besides doing two loads of laundry and taking the dogs for a walk, I have spent the remainder of the day on the couch reading.  Such a relaxing way to spend a Saturday.  I have read two books this afternoon, “A Child Called It” and “A Brother’s Journey”.  Both books are about surviving child abuse.  The authors are brothers and both tell their version of growing up in the same abusive household.  Not exactly light reading, but the books were ones I couldn’t put down.  It was amazing the extent of their abuse and yet nobody did anything until it was almost too late.  The older brother got pulled out of the house and put in foster care, but the younger brother was left there to survive as best he could.  Back in the 70s nobody talked about child abuse, what happened behind closed doors stayed behind closed doors.  Today there is much more awareness about it, but still not enough to save kids from abusive situations or to stop things before they get a chance to escalate to the point of abuse.  With women having kids to cash in on the baby bonus without any thought about how they can afford to care for the children, I can see the incidence of child abuse and neglect escalating in Australia.  Already the foster care system is at breaking point, it simply can not provide for the number of children needing care.  I am sure as hell the Howard government never thought about these kids when they decided to throw money at women, who have no business having kids, for them to breed and keep on breeding.  I wonder if the Rudd government has the balls to scrap this scheme and put the money towards providing paid maternity leave and a better foster care system.



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4 responses to “Light Reading?

  1. I have the whole series, I think the last one is ‘A man named Dave’ (can’t check, I am with Boo) my girls have read them too.

    Terrifying story.

  2. The books by David Pelzer are “The Child Called It”, “The Lost Boy” and “A Man Called Dave”. His brother Richard Pelzer wrote “A Brother’s Journey”. In parts Richard’s story is even worse than David’s, which is a terrifying thing.
    I haven’t read the other of David’s books, but I definitely think I will have to.

  3. LA Blogger Gal

    I read those books a while back – all the way up the A Man Called…whatever (I don’t recall the title). I didn’t realize that the brother also wrote one. I’ll add that to my (ever growing) list of books to check out. Very interesting reads, you’re right.

  4. Sounds incredibly interesting.
    Will have to look them up during my next bookstore trip.
    And you just reminded me of the two loads of washing waiting for me at home.
    Take care,

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