Neil Gaiman’s Australian Tour

One of my favourite authors’ is coming to Australia at the end of April/beginning of May to do a whole heap of book signings and author talks.

His Australian tour dates are listed here.

Anyone want to join me at Books Kinokuniya in Sydney on the 6th May at 6pm?



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3 responses to “Neil Gaiman’s Australian Tour

  1. I’ll be in Melbourne, waiting in line for his events there. But Neil Gaiman Australian (and Malaysians in Australia) fans are all united in spirit by this, I’m sure. I know my soul feels a little lighter after finding out he’s coming here. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip! I’ll pass it on.


  3. Renee

    Neil Gaiman just donated another $500,000.00 to Scientology in 2010 through his business partner Mary Gaiman who received a “Gold Humanitarian Award” for contributing to Ideal Org, MN.

    Neil Gaiman and Mary Gaiman are business partners in The Blank Corporation and are funneling millions of dollars into Scientology.

    The Gaiman family also derive a 6 million dollar income annually from G&G vitamins founded by the now deceased David Gaiman. G&G Vitamins has a monopoly to sell the purification rundown worldwide.

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