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A New Blog Is On Its Way

Leigh from Crazy Meezer and All For Women has done an amazing job getting my new domain and new blog set up.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and struggling with an FTP program that didn’t want to co-operate.

I still new to choose a new theme, import my data and pick some plugins.  I am setting aside Friday night/Saturday to do this.  So expect the announcement about my brand new blog on Saturday or Sunday, depending on how well it all goes.

I am very excited about moving into my new home on the internet.


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So You Want To Be A Blogging Star?

The New York Times has written a fantastic article titled, “So you want to be a blogging star?” about the realities of the blogging world. It is the first article I have read that takes a realistic view of blogging and the potential to earn money from it. The NY Times has interviewed Mark Cuban, Xeni Jardin and Ted Dziuba about their views on how people can create a successful blog and how much money you really do earn from it, even when you have a large readership. It is a real wake up call for all those bloggers out there who are purely blogging because they think it will let them give up their day job.

Also, the article gives some great tips on the all important blog/life balance and how to prevent blogging from taking over ever single waking moment, which is what many of us have problems with. The tips on how to become a successful blogger seem so simple and yet, so few of us actually achieve the lofty status of a successful blogger.  I am going to try out their tips and see how I do.  Somehow I am thinking that it really is not as simple as they make it out to be.

A big kudos to the New York Times for one of the best articles about blogging I have seen in the mainstream press.  May it be the beginning of many more of them.


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I didn’t plan this to happen

I am rather embarrassed to admit this, but the two Pay It Forward competitions I mentioned last week, well, I won them both. This means I have to have a kick ass Pay It Forward competition to make it up for it.  One of the things I won was my own domain name and a hosted wordpress blog for 6 months.  I think I will hold off holding my Pay It Forward competition until that is all set up.  That way I can launch my new blog with something very cool.  Until then I need to think of some unique prizes to give away in my competition.  Unfortunately I can’t afford to give away anything expensive like an iPod, but I am sure there must be some interesting not so pricey stuff that I can.  Any ideas will be welcomed – the geekier the better.


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Paying It Forward

This is a buzz going around the blogosphere at the moment called Pay It Forward.  The situation is this, a blogger has on their blog a competition to win something cool – books, giftcards, online credit etc and of course people enter to win. However, unlike most competitions, the winner of this competition must agree to “pay it forward” and give away something on their blog and so on and so forth.  At the moment two people on my blog reader are having their own Pay It Forward competitions – Crazy Meezer and Red Sultana.  Please go and check them out and gift them with some traffic love.  If you feel inspired to enter their competitions do so, but my aim here is to give them some trafficky love.  I know I get very excited and sometimes break out into a little happy dance when I see my blog stats rise. Yes, I am a very strange individual. Hopefully, they feel the same way about seeing their traffic increase.  Also they are two blogs I enjoy reading (or else they wouldn’t be on my blog reader) and maybe you might find that you enjoy their blogging too.


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Who are you?

I got this comment on one of my posts;
“So: if indeed you are a thirty-something lesbian geek, as you claim, you’re probably into Le Tigre.”

I must admit I am left a little puzzled about why people might not think I am who I say I am. I know the internet is the place where people assume a fake identity, but geez, if I was going to fake someone to be on the ‘net, it certainly wouldn’t be a thirty something lesbian geek, that’s for sure. For one, I would pretend to be someone really cool as well as thin and gorgeous, definitely not a fat nerdy dyke. I would also blog about my really cool and interesting life where I would be living the high life, meeting famous people in coffee shops and posting pictures of myself at fabulous locations. But there is none of that here – I am really am a lesbian geek living in Sydney, Australia, leading a normal life.

Also, I am so into Le Tigre, I had to google them. No idea who or what they are. Apparently they are an American post-punk/electro-pop band. I guess that means my lesbian cred is now non-existent. Did I mention I was a geek? No idea about popular cool culture, but I bet I could kick Le Tigre’s ass at a Xena trivia contest. Yeah, I am so cool.


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Party Post

StreamersWelcome to this Ultimate Blog Shindig. There is finger food on the table, cold beer and soft drinks (soda) in the fridge and someone is firing up the BBQ. Come in, sit down and feel free to stay as long as you like. As you wander around this blog it will be immediately obvious to you that this blog isn’t like the others you have visited on the party circuit. I am not a parent and I have no desire to have children, but then again, you have probably seen a few child free blogs in your partying. However, I can almost guarantee that this is the first lesbian blog you have come to party at. The longer you stay, the more I hope you come to realise that everything the media and religious organisations have told you about gay people isn’t always true. My life is very similar to yours; I get up in the mornings, I walk my dogs, I go to my 9 to 5 job, I came home and walk the dogs again, I cook dinner, I watch TV and I go to bed. I am in a long term relationship with my gorgeous girlfriend Lelak that has lasted almost 8 years. We own our own home and like everyone else we are struggling to pay the mortgage. When we get together with our friends – both gay and straight, we tend to have BBQ and dinner parties. There are usually a few kids around belong to both straight and gay parents. As you can see, it is all very normal. Not the sin, sex, drugs and depravity that everyone told you about, is it?

Now that the gay acceptance speech is over, that is pretty much as serious as it gets around here. I like to keep things fairly upbeat, unless I am ranting about things, then it can get a little serious. This blog is a reflection of my life. It contains bits and pieces about my daily life, the things I love to do and discussions about things close to my heart or that get me really pissed off. I am your typical thirty something lesbian geek. I work in tech support in an industry very few people understand. I love sci-fi TV and TV that makes me think. Actually, if you want to know more about me, this post explains a few things.

So please wander around, say hello to everyone, ask as many questions as you like and if you want want to hang around for a while, I would be very happy to have you here.


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Views from an office window

I am a bit stuck for what to write about today, but since I signed up to NaBloMoPo I have to post something.  So in keeping with the theme of lists, here is a list of things I can see from my office window;

1. Pigeons, and lots of them, walking around in the sunshine

2. A group of people sitting in a circle on the grass eating lunch

3. A garbage bin that is so full that rubbish has flowed onto the ground around it

4. An old looking bike leaning against a sign (I’m surprised no one has stolen it)

5.  A toddler making a quick getaway from his mother who is carrying his younger sibling

6. People sitting on the benches, smoking.

Not really that much going on outside my window.

In other unrelated news, the February listings have come out for Top 100 Australian Women’s Blogs.  I have fallen from 76 to 79.  I really need to get out there and start promoting my blog.


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