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A New Blog Is On Its Way

Leigh from Crazy Meezer and All For Women has done an amazing job getting my new domain and new blog set up.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and struggling with an FTP program that didn’t want to co-operate.

I still new to choose a new theme, import my data and pick some plugins.  I am setting aside Friday night/Saturday to do this.  So expect the announcement about my brand new blog on Saturday or Sunday, depending on how well it all goes.

I am very excited about moving into my new home on the internet.


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Paying It Forward

This is a buzz going around the blogosphere at the moment called Pay It Forward.  The situation is this, a blogger has on their blog a competition to win something cool – books, giftcards, online credit etc and of course people enter to win. However, unlike most competitions, the winner of this competition must agree to “pay it forward” and give away something on their blog and so on and so forth.  At the moment two people on my blog reader are having their own Pay It Forward competitions – Crazy Meezer and Red Sultana.  Please go and check them out and gift them with some traffic love.  If you feel inspired to enter their competitions do so, but my aim here is to give them some trafficky love.  I know I get very excited and sometimes break out into a little happy dance when I see my blog stats rise. Yes, I am a very strange individual. Hopefully, they feel the same way about seeing their traffic increase.  Also they are two blogs I enjoy reading (or else they wouldn’t be on my blog reader) and maybe you might find that you enjoy their blogging too.


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Blog Bling

Less than three your blog

I just received my very first piece of blog bling from Kelley at Magneto Bold Too.


Kelley and I couldn’t be more different – she is a married mother of three whilst I am a childless lesbian, but I just love her outlook on life and her potty mouthed ways. Her blog never fails to completely crack me up. This is one blog that definitely should be on your blog reader.


According to Kelley’s rules I must nominate blogs to pass the blog bling love onto. Therefore I nominate the Phil and L over at Dog Blog, Dana at A Sizeable Apple and Frances at BlogJem.


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Welcome to WordPress

I am a Blogger refugee. I snuck out of the clutches of Google late this afternoon and made my way over the border to the free lands of WordPress. I must admit I rather like it here.

To everyone who followed me from my old blog, The Speed of Dark, thank you so much for making the journey with me. To new readers of this blog – welcome! I brought my old posts with me so feel free to stay and read through them.


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