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Elven Moments

Stone FairyOne of my favourite authors is Elizabeth Moon. I was introduce to her work by Lelak who has most of her books. I started with the amazing trilogy, “The Deeds of Paksenarrion” which I feel in love with instantly. If you are a D&D player, a Lord of the Rings fan or just love a good fantasy novel, definitely check these books out. I then went on to her “Vatta War” series which I simply adore and am now re-reading waiting for the new book to come out. Elizabeth has also written an amazing book called “The Speed of Dark” which is a futuristic book about autism and what happens when scientist develop a “cure”.

Anyway, Elizabeth has a live journal account which, of course, I read and occasionally comment on. Her latest entry was about her birthday and how excited she was that her age this year was a multiple of her birthdate. Learning that someone else got excited about the mathematical proprieties of their birthdate and age, I wrote back;

“A fellow Pisces. Happy Birthday! May all your birthday wishes come true.
I am also glad I am not the only one that gets excited when their birthdate is mathematically related to their age. I was born on the third of the third and this year I am 33. I am unbelievably excited by this fact.”

To which she replied:

“Oh, that’s cool! Thirty-three was the birthday when I bought a pair of Earth Shoes, and the friend with me commented that I might or might not be a hobbit. Why? I asked. Well, she said, you certainly weren’t grown up at 21, which is the age of maturity for humans, and 33 is the age of maturity for hobbits…but you just bought a pair of Earth Shoes, which isn’t a marker of adulthood, exactly, so maybe you’re not a hobbit, you’re an elf.

It was in her honor, sort of, that my husband and I declared that our 33rd anniversary was our “hobbit anniversary” because our marriage had finally grown up. We might not have, but the marriage had.

So, if you’re a hobbit (in any way) this is the year you became mature. And if you’re not mature, maybe you’re an elf.”

I am deeply humbled that she has taken time out of her hectic schedule to reply and that it was such a geeky comment fills me with joy. Also, it touches on something I have been musing over since turning 33. I don’t feel mature and I doubt I every will. I have been waiting for that magical moment when I become an adult and feel all adult-like and mature. That moment has never come and I suspect it never will. I guess that means I am an elf.



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