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Rants For Today

To the woman who keeps leaving a pile of toilet paper next to the toilet in the woman’s bathroom. Stop it! It is not that difficult to get the toilet paper from the roll and hold onto it until you use it. If you drop some, then pick it up. The germs on the bathroom floor are not going to kill you in the 30 seconds it takes to exit the stall and wash your hands. (I really want to write a passive-aggressive note about this, but I fear that it will end up on this site.)

Also, putting a new roll of toilet paper onto the roll holder is not rocket science. I refuse to believe I am the only woman in this office capable of accomplishing this task.

To the client whose URL mysteriously generated a %20 in the middle of it. This is called URL encoding. %20 is the symbol for a space. This fact I have explained to you twice now. The URL you are copying and pasting into our application obviously has a space in it. How about you manually remove the %20 and stop copying and pasting the erroneous URL into the system and then complaining that my application is causing the error.

Also the correct response to my email saying I have manually removed the %20 from this URL is not ‘Oh cool, the system must have updated this whilst we slept” especially when your last email complaining about the error was at 10am and my email was sent at 10:30am.  At what point between 10am and 10:30am did we sleep?

To the people on the bus. If there are no seats please move down to the end of the bus. Don’t stop at the centre doors, there is a whole other half of the bus that you can stand. Stopping at the centre doors means that people who need to get on can’t.

Also if a seat does become available and you have offered it to everyone around you but they have all declined, then just sit the fuck down. No one thinks big of you if you just stand there and look at the seat. If you sit down, then one extra person will be able to get on the bus and get home at a decent time.

To the asshole who almost ran me over by rolling his car forward whilst I was crossing at the lights: Fuck You!


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The Importance of the Humble Paperback Book

Reading is one of those pleasures in life that I wish I had more time for. I love nothing better than on a rainy day just curling up on the couch under a doona with a beagle sleeping on my feet and reading a book. It is pure bliss. But the most important part of that experience is the humble paperback book itself. I wholeheartedly agree with the unnamed author of Reading? It’s Already Covered (the SMH didn’t bother to note who wrote it) when he/she sings the praises of the paperback book over the e-book. I can see the appeal of the e-book, especially for people who are traveling or commuting to work. To have 200 books on one handheld reader is much more easier to carry around than 200 paperbacks. However, when at home, I just can’t see the appeal of sitting down with a e-book when you can sit down with a paperback. An e-book looks exactly the same regardless of what book you are reading, but with paperbacks, every single book is unique. It feels different in your hands than the book you read previously, the pages smell different and if you are a disgusting person like I am, then the food stains on the pages are different. Actually it is kinda fun playing identify the food stain on books – you get bonus points if you are eating the same food as the stain.

If e-books took off, what would book cover designers do for a living? Also what else would we line every single wall in our living room with if not with bookcases? Bookstores would be reduced to an ATM like contraption in which you could plug in your e-book and download the latest bestseller. Second hand bookstores would no longer exist except for a small handful to cater for those weird people who collect paper books. Yuck! Imagine that horrible future. I love technology, but this is one area where technology is not welcome. It would take away the many simple pleasures I have in my life. I can spend hours wandering through a bookstore and even longer in second hand bookstores. I find it extremely relaxing, although it is a bit frustrating as there are so many books I want to buy, but can not afford to. Also there is a sensory competent to reading books that an e-book just can not replicate.

I will not be one of those people racing to purchase the new Amazon Kindle or the Dymocks’ iLiad. I will be at home on my couch with my paperback book.


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The iPod – a window into the soul?

The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday ran an article entitled, You show me your iPod, I’ll show you mine which makes the very bold statement that “if only you could see that playlist, you would know so much about him, about how compatible you are and gain insights that could otherwise take months of stalking to get.” It then goes on to say that the humble iPod or MP3 player “can reveal one’s past, personality and even whether they are ready for a relationship, or still getting over one.” Really??? Does what I like to listen to define who I am and broadcast to someone if I am worth starting a relationship with?

Here are ten songs selected at random off my iPod (love that shuffle function);

1. Mel & Kim – Respectable

2. E.S Posthumus – Nara (Cold Case Theme)

3. Missy Higgins – Any Day Now

4. Michelle Branch – It’s You

5. Rent – Seasons of Love

6. 5 Girls + Guitars – Here We Go Again

7. Alanis Morissette – The Couch

8. Jess McAvoy – The Fire

9. Europe – The Final Countdown

10. Billie Piper – Promises

Now let’s see what that reveals about me; Mel & Kim and Europe reveals that I am a child of the 80s, Jess McAvoy, Missy Higgins, 5 Girls + Guitars, Michelle Branch and Alanis Morissette reveals that I have a strong liking for female singer songwriters, Cold Case Theme shows I like crime shows, Rent shows that I am musical theatre buff and Billie Piper means that either I like UK pop or that I am a Doctor Who fan.

Actually all of that is pretty accurate (except that bit about the UK pop), so maybe they have stumbled onto something here. Perhaps the music we do like to listen to can reveal some truths about us, but is it really a relationship starter or killer? Would you date someone purely on what they list on their iPod?

Dating sites would like you to believe that and even recommend that you do not put daggy songs on your favourites list if you want to score a date. Now the iPod has gone from your own personal radio station to a dating tool complete with a list of iPod dating dos and don’ts such as “don’t spy over someone’s shoulder at their playlist, don’t store an over-abundance of sad, daggy songs in your favourites, do give potential dates a chance to talk to you by taking out your earpieces, do look for familiar artists and common ground in a prospective date’s playlist”. There are actually people out there who make their dating decisions based on what is on someone’s playlist without ever actually speaking to that person. It is little wonder that teenagers and twenty somethings are downloading songs that are seen as popular rather than songs they actually like. Welcome to the herd mentality, where expressing individual opinions, likes and dislikes are frowned upon.

What someone listens to can provide a great icebreaker and can give you something to talk about to get to know them better, but seriously, it is not the be all and end all of a relationships. If it was I would have never dated Lelak – she likes bluegrass and the more banjo it contains the better whilst I run away from anything related to country to the safe confines of bad 80s music, musicals and acoustic rock with a little bit of pop thrown in. However over the years I have come to appreciate bluegrass and today I caught Lelak trying to find a recording of the musical ‘Wicked’. I can’t tell you how happy that made me.


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